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As well as Online fitness classes why not accelerate your journey and lose body fat quicker with the Fizzeek Nutrition FIT   21 Cleanse

  • Information about the cleanse process and why it works
  • Shopping list containing guide to the kind of things you are allowed to eat
  • Banned food list
  • Frequently asked questions about the process
  • Day by day guide as to what kind of  "day it is" 
  • List of exercises to be performed that day
  • Discounted rate for online fitness classes to help you get results faster

GET this plan for less than £1 a day

Easy to Follow

So Easy to follow - My eating habits have totally changed and I feel much healthier and fitter and I also sleep extremely well after years of broken sleep.  As well as learning how to eat a healthy clean diet, I also lost weight and inches


Fantastic plan,well recommended! My skin, hair and nails looked great as well as losing weight!

Great daily support throughout the 3 weeks. Everyday you get some simple exercises to complete and a guide to what "day" it is so you can create your own meals.  So Easy !!

Highly recommended

I cannot recommend it highly enough! Although there are ‘banned’ foods and drinks, after only a very short time it’s amazing how I adjusted and realised how much more is available to me as a healthier alternative.

Thanks so much

 Although this plan doesn't provide you with recipes it does give you a structure to work with so you know what kind of meals you should be preparing for each day which helps massively.  Exercises were easy to follow once i got going.